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Our Story

Hi we are Lydia & Kim,  and since 2020 we decided to go “Mandorli” (don’t ask…). Sounds like we are a new company and we don’ have experience ? And guess what ? You are right ! But there is a good reason for that. Truth is we don’t want experience.
We look to stay away from industrial processes, we don’t want for our products to be always  the same, we hate the “E” letters followed by strange numbers “E500”. We just want our product to be the closest to nature and as tastylicious (again… Don’t ask…) they can be without any added sugars or magic.

Hi, we are Lydia and Kim, a young dynamic couple and parents of a little sunshine … and we want to share our secret for healthy energy with you.

Passionate by a healthy, local and less possible industrial nutrition, we discovered the benefice of nuts many years ago and learned to transform them into a delicious cream full of great elements.

It becomes a daily companion: for a healthy and tasty breakfast, to give dishes and desserts a rich, creamy touch and as a perfect snack during sport and mental effort to keep a high-energy level.

By improving not only the taste, but also the environment friendly procedure, we feel now ready to propose our favourites to you.

But who could benefit from our products?

Actually everyone: sporty people (like us 🙂 or those who want to become, almost mamas and lactating moms, power-women and –men who manage job+family+friends+hobbies but also older people and those who are recovering … or simply just small and big gourmets.

Who cares?

Because we care about taste we only choose premium ingredients.
Because we care about our world we choose a local and totally non-industrial production and distribution.
Because we care about quality we do everything ourselves.
And because we care about you, we deliver always our best.

Is it for you?

No it’s not! Specially if you don’t care. But it’s definitely if you do care about:

But wait … fat is bad. What?? 

Especially because nuts and whole almonds are so high in healty monounsatured fats and omega-3 fatty acids they have a  significant fat-burning power and help control colesterol. They are also rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that protect your cells from oxidative damage, a major contributor to aging and disease. And nuts are low in carbs but high in protein, minerals and fiber. Do you need more arguments for the healthy benefits of nuts?

Velo, local, suisse, energies revouvellables, (contact ail) recyclable vessel without any chemical components. Return vessel and safe money. Donation for environement association.

No it’s not! Specially if you don’t care about your wellbeing.

But if you do care,  it’s definitely for you! 

Saison, home made, ye do it ourselves, premium ingredients, slow cooking, 

Whatever we write here ,You wont belive us. but since you are here let us tell you somethig: we’ve never tasted something soooo delicious before. 

Just try!


I guess this is empty, because our products are vegetarian and even some of them are vegan. 

Sincerly, we have no secrets. This is exactly what you pay for:
70% of the price are the premium ingredients, specially the almonds … yes, quality costs.
10% is the packaging. But you can return the empty vessel and safe money.
0 % is the delivery because we deliver localy and mainly by bike. 

That’s it ? Yes, since we do everything ourservles which includes the website and all commercial stuff.

Since 1958 … 2587’9878’000

No, it’s not about time but it’s the estimated quantity of almonds eaten tby Lydia find the perfect recipe.

Add some more thousand nuts for Kim.