About us

Our Story

Hi we are Lydia & Kim,  and since 2020 we decided to go “Mandorli” (don’t ask…). Sounds like we are a new company and we don’ have experience ? And guess what ? You are right ! But there is a good reason for that. Truth is we don’t want experience.
We look to stay away from industrial food and long processes, we don’t want for our products to be always  the same, we hate the “E” letters followed by strange numbers “E500”. We just want our goods to be the closest to nature and as “tastylicious” 🙂 they can be without any pesticides, artificial stuff, added crystal sugar or magic.

Who cares?

Because we care about taste we only choose premium ingredients.
Because we care about our world we choose a local and totally non-industrial production and distribution.
Because we care about quality we do everything ourselves.
And because we care about you, we deliver always our best.

Is it for you?

No it’s not! Specially if you don’t care. But it’s definitely if you do care about:

But wait … fat is bad. What?? 

Especially because nuts and whole almonds are so high in healty monounsatured fats and omega-3 fatty acids they have a  significant fat-burning power and help control colesterol. They are also rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that protect your cells from oxidative damage, a major contributor to aging and disease. And nuts are low in carbs but high in protein, minerals and fiber. Do you need more arguments for the healthy benefits of nuts?

And what about this vegetabale confetti called micro greens?

Oh wow, if you don’t knew it yet, read carefully: microgreens are considered baby plants, falling somewhere between a sprout and baby green. They are packed with nutrients. In fact research comparing micro greens to more mature greens reports that nutrient levels in microgreens can be up to nine times higher than those found in mature greens. (1)


Not only for us but especially for our kids and their kids we do our best to protect the place we live … and come on, Switzerland is worth it. That’s why we deliver our products whenever possible by bike, we produce everything locally here in Lugano, we use recyclable vessels, and green energie. We take good care to choose raw materials without any chemical or artificial components. But you have the opportunity to do your part too: Return the used vessels and safe money. And with each bought product you participate on our donation for environement an association.

If quality means to you that everything is standardized and one product is 100 % like the other, we have an other understanding …

Quality means to us:
– natural, and if possible saisonal and local, but always premium ingredients
– gentle production which means for the nut butter a slow cooking and for the micro greens an adequat and natural growing process 
– eveything is home made by ourselves to have the full control of every production step
– production on demand to guarantee best freshness

In this way we produce for us personally and since we share with you, also for you.

Whatever we write here ,You wont belive us. but since you are here let us tell you somethig: we’ve never tasted something soooo delicious before. 

Just try!


I guess this is empty, because our products such as micro greens and nut butter are all vegetarian and even some of them are vegan. 

Sincerly, we have no secrets. This is exactly what you pay for:
70% of the price are the premium ingredients of the nut butter and the microgreen seeds … yes, quality costs.
10% is the packaging. But you can return the empty vessel and safe money.
0 % is the delivery because we deliver localy and mainly by bike. 

That’s it ? Yes, since we do everything ourservles which includes the website and all commercial stuff.

Since 1958 … 2587’9878’000

No, it’s not about time but it’s the estimated quantity of almonds eaten by Lydia to find the perfect recipe.
Add some more thousand nuts for Kim. 

The same counts for the microgreens. We planted and tried them all on and on to find the most gentle and adequat way to make them grow.