Lydia & Kim

Hi we are Lydia & Kim,  and since 2020 we decided to go “Mandorli” (don’t ask…). Sounds like we are a new company and we don’ have experience ? And guess what ? You are right ! But there is a good reason for that. Truth is we don’t want experience.
We look to stay away from industrial processes, we don’t want for our products to be always  the same, we hate the “E” letters followed by strange numbers “E500”. We just want our product to be the closest to nature and as tastylicious (again… Don’t ask…) they can be without any added sugars or magic.

Creamicious, delicious whole almond cream and Lydia’s master recipe, made of premium quality and selected almonds, Bahamian coconut, mountain honey, Himalayan salt and … lots of passion.

Incredibly smooth, rich cashew cream and Kim’s all-time favorite recipe, made of selected premium cashew nuts, sweet coconut, Tunisian farmer’s honey, rose colored salt and … sooooo much taste.

Why having to choose between Almond & cashews when you can have both ? The best of two makes and our latest relief: flavored premium nuts and coconut, golden honey, rose Himalayan salt and … just try!

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