Our handmade Nut butters

What’s so special about them?
Well, they contain only carefully selected ingredients, they’re prepared with lots of care and … psssst,
they’re our very personal secret of wellbeing.
Many things all our butters have in common: they are hand and home-made in Switzerland and freshly prepared on demand. For sure you will find no palm oil, no artificial aroma, no colorants, no pesticides and no industrial processing but pure nature. That explains the high quality, the richness in taste and the nutritive benefice.

Creamicious, delicious whole almond cream and Lydia’s master recipe, made of premium quality and selected almonds, Bahamian coconut, mountain honey, Himalayan salt and … lots of passion.

Incredibly smooth, rich cashew cream and Kim’s all-time favorite recipe, made of selected premium cashew nuts, sweet coconut, Tunisian farmer’s honey, rose colored salt and … sooooo much taste.

Delicious, pure Hazelnut cream with a touch of melted Mexican chocolate, made of whole premium Hazelnuts, sweet Bahamian coconut flower sugar, rose rock salt and Mexican Cocoa – that’s all … enjoy without regret.

Our Story

Hi, we are Lydia & Kim, a young dynamic couple and parents of a little sunshine … and we want to share our secret for healthy energy with you.
Passionate by a healthy, local and less possible industrial nutrition, we discovered the benefice of nuts many years ago and learned to transform them into a delicious cream full of great elements.
It becomes our daily companion: for a healthy and tasty breakfast or to give dishes and desserts a rich, creamy touch. We also found out it was a perfect snack, especially during sport and mental effort it helps to keep a high-energy level.
By always improving not only the taste, but also the environment friendly procedure, we feel now ready to propose our favourites to you.
But who could benefit from our products?
Actually everyone: sporty people (like us 🙂 or those who want to become, almost mamas and lactating moms, power-women and –men who manage job+family+friends+hobbies but also older people and those who are recovering … or simply just small and big gourmets.

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